I Interviewed ChatGPT-4 About AI and Cybersecurity Threats: Its Insights Will Blow Your Mind!

Rajesh Laskary
10 min readMar 22, 2023

This idea kicked in on a fine Saturday morning, and I thought of interviewing ChatGPT-4 on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) poses cybersecurity threats to organizations and individuals. And the results were surprising.

We(I and ChatGPT-4) started with my introduction to ChatGPT and gave some background about myself, and I asked ChatGPT-4 for a suitable time to catch up — I just wanted to be modest as this was my first interaction with AI :)

Thankfully, ChatGPT was kind enough to accept my interview request.

(Image Source: ChatGPT-4 Console)

Here is how the conversation started.

Finally, we’re ready to go!

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5 key threats AI Poses

I thanked ChatGPT for accepting my request and shot my first question.



Rajesh Laskary

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