What Is Cyber Security?

Rajesh Laskary
2 min readJul 24, 2021

A Very Basic Definition Of Cybersecurity For Someone Naive And Not From A Cyebr Background

What is Cyber Security?

Before understanding cybersecurity, let us have a quick look at what the term ‘Cyber’ means that would lead to a better understanding of the concept and the topics ahead:

What is ‘Cyber’?

Anything that relates to the internet or information technology (IT) is part of the ‘cyber’ world. In simpler words, anything that includes or is related to computers, computer networks, applications, or information systems is ‘Cyber.’

What is ‘Security’?

‘Security’ can be defined as the state of being free from danger or threats or potential harm. One takes several different measures to be safe.

Now, what would you call the security that you have while you are online or on the internet? We call it ‘Cybersecurity.’

Let’s have a look at what all is included in cybersecurity:

• E-safety, internet safety, safety from cyberbullying all come under cybersecurity.

• Securing your information on the internet also comes under cybersecurity.

Merge all the above definitions, and you have a comprehensive definition of cybersecurity.

Now let’s understand what ‘cybersecurity’ is by combining the above two definitions:

Cybersecurity refers to all those steps that are taken to be safe and be free from dangers and potential threats on the internet.

Hence, it is essential to know:

  • Why one needs to worry about Cybersecurity?
  • What are the potential threats that can arise on the internet?
  • What are different measures with which one can ensure cybersecurity?

Points to Remember:

  • Cybersecurity includes the measures or steps taken to be safe on the internet and avoid threats (or dangers) online.
  • Safety from cyberbullying, e-safety, internet safety, and protecting your own personal information falls under cybersecurity.

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