Why Singapore Is One Of The Most Promising Countries In The World: All That You Need To Know

Rajesh Laskary
9 min readAug 9, 2021

Know what’s unique about Singapore, why it’s so advanced, and some fascinating facts about Singapore that you might not have heard before!

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You can jump directly to the last section of this article if you are interested in knowing some fascinating facts about Singapore. However, in between the paragraphs lies the reasons that make Singapore one of the most promising countries in the world.

Ten years back, on my first day in Singapore, while I waited for entry formalities and hopped around in a bookstore. A thick book drew my attention because it was pretty expensive, and the heading was ‘the best countries in the world to live in’ (I can’t recall the exact name, though). Curiously, I looked for the page on ‘Singapore.’ It said

“Singapore probably is the only country in the world where people leave their iPhones on the table to reserve a spot in a cafe.

It was enough to firm my belief that I was at the right place. It was my father’s dream to see me in Singapore, and I did everything I could to get a job and come here (so much that I put my experience in a book — How To Find A Job In Singapore?). And, this article just tries to highlight what I personally felt and observed about Singapore’s journey from a small port into a global trading hub.

Singapore is one of the smallest nations in the world. The USA is about 13,673 times bigger than Singapore, London 2.20 times, and New York is about 170 times bigger than Singapore.

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore (Image Credits: Pixabay)

Imagine a country smaller than London, surrounded by saline water, having no or limited natural resources of its own, and a population below 6 million. That country has not only survived against all odds but has thrived when it comes to excellence, endurance, and development. In the last 50–60 years post its independence, Singapore has established itself as a modern and developed industrial economy.

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